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Our governmental consulting firm possesses an intense knowledge of Michigan government. It comes from nearly 150 years of combined front-line experience in the Legislature, the Governor’s Office, and both major political parties.

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Welcome to KRKM

Kandler Reed Khoury & Muchmore (KRKM) provides high-quality government relations consulting for its clients. KRKM places a high priority on quality representation. Its goal is to develop long-term relationships, partnerships really, with a limited number of quality clients.

Governmental consulting services involve much more than merely attending legislative committee meetings and sessions. Done well, such services include excellent communications with the client, individual legislators, legislative leadership and administration officials.

A good governmental relations firm not only knows the lay of the land in Lansing, but also must develop a grasp of the substance of issues that are important to the client and how to deliver the client’s positions. Also, the consultant must be very careful about conducting business on the client’s behalf. The consultants’ actions create a perception of the client to state government officials, so it is imperative the consultant positively enhance that perception.

Government Relations Consulting Services

Active Lobbying

We know that our clients will be perceived through the impression that we evoke. KRKM ensures that we honor the trust that our clients have invested in us.

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Procurement Counseling

KRKM understands the time and resources it takes in securing a State of Michigan contract. It's not about the "lowest bid", but the most Qualified Bid.

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Research and Monitoring

With 150 years of combined experience, we grasp public policy and lobbying priorities and goals of our clients.

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Strategic Counsel
Strategic Counsel

Successfully promoting your advocacy involves several factors, and at KRKM we will guide you through each one with only one goal in mind: Winning.

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Association Management Services
Association Management Services

Through the years, our professionals have successfully managed trade associations and professional associations delivering knowledge and practice that drive value for each client organization.

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Strategic Planning & Public Affairs

We ensure your voice isn’t just one among the crowd, but that it soars above to influence the issues that matter most for meeting your organization’s business or policy objectives.

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Governmental Consulting

Priority on Quality Representation